Appeal by participants of the All-Russia Conference of the Russian Socio-Ecological Union "Public participation in the development of national policies on climate and energy"

To President of Russia D. A. Medvedev
and Prime Minister of Russia V. V. Putin

by participants of the All-Russia Conference of the Russian Socio-Ecological Union
"Public participation in the development of national policies on climate and energy"
13-14 November 2009

We, representatives of public organisations participating in the Conference of the Russian Socio-Ecological Union "Public participation in the development of national policies on climate and energy,” November 13-14, 2009, St. Petersburg, are concerned about the declining effectiveness of the current negotiations on a new climate agreement beyond 2012 under the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change and the Kyoto Protocol.

We are also concerned about the lack of progress in practical implementation of government decisions on energy efficiency, renewable energy development and joint implementation projects under the Kyoto Protocol in Russia.

We underline that the climate agreements meet national interests of Russia on modernisation and technological renewal, whose importance are mentioned in the President to the Federal Assembly on 12 November 2009. Therefore, we call on the President and the Government of Russia to implement the following measures necessary for the effective implementation of Russian national policies in the field of climate and energy:

  • During the time period before 2020, Russia should at least keep greenhouse gases at the pre-crisis level of 2007 (65% of the 1990 levels without taking into account absorption by forests) and take actions to reduce emissions.
  • By 2050, Russia must reduce emissions of greenhouse gases by at least 80% of the 1990 level.
  • It is very important for Russia to adopt the Climate Doctrine by the Conference of the Parties to the UNFCCC in Copenhagen in December 2009. Federal, regional and sectoral programmes and action plans on mitigation of human impact on climate change and adaptation to climate change shall become integral parts of the Doctrine.

We believe that the following immediate actions are necessary during 2010-2012 by the Government and other authorities of Russia:

  • Reconsidering the Russia's targets for development of renewable energy sources (RES), increasing their share to more than 10% excluding large hydropower, on the basis of the resources and technical potential of renewable energy available in Russia.
  • Providing annual targets for energy efficiency and reducing energy intensity of GDP, for reductions of greenhouse emissions.
  • Adjusting the Federal Law "On Energy Saving and Improving Energy Efficiency", returning to the text of the Law the excluded section on rights and responsibilities of citizens in the area of energy saving and energy efficiency.
  • Linking goals for renewable energy and energy efficiency with the corresponding national goals for reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the Energy Strategy of Russia until 2030. Development indicators shall be reconsidered in favour of renewable energy and energy efficiency at the stage of end-user.
  • Including as priority actions the measures to save boreal forests and other natural sinks of greenhouse gases, when developing the climate policy and practical measures to prevent climate change.
  • Including in the list of immediate actions on mitigation of human impact on climate the measures to reduce emissions of black carbon (soot), by cancelling the practice of burning agricultural wastes.
  • Including in the list of immediate actions the measures to reduce the contribution of organic waste (manure, litter, landfills, plant wastes) in the formation of greenhouse gases, including programmes for their use in bio-energy.

Non-governmental organisations find it necessary to promptly adopt regulations to support development of renewable energy sources (RES), including documents determining the compensation schemes for costs of RES-based energy production, and other legal documents on state support for renewable energy.

To guarantee renewal of Russia's economy and implementation of the Presidential Decree No. 889 of June 4, 2008, we consider it necessary to return investments in energy efficiency and renewable energy resources that have been excluded from the documents of budget planning in 2009 under the pretext of the economic crisis. This will not only significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and thereby mitigate climate change, but also pave the way for technological upgrading and improving the competitiveness of Russia's economy.

Participants of the conference "Public participation in the development of national policies on climate and energy" (13-14 November 2009, St.Petersburg), representatives of Russian NGOs:

Association of Environmental Journalists of St.Petersburg, St.Petersburg
Balakovo Branch of the Russian Society for Nature Protection, Saratov region
Bryansk regional NGO "Viola", Bryansk
Buryat Regional Association on Baikal, Ulan-Ude, Vladivostok
World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF, Moscow)
Greenpeace Russia
Friends of the Baltic, St.Petersburg
Kazan Branch of Socio-Ecological Union, Kazan
Kolsky Environmental Coordination Centre "Gaia", Apatity
Kostroma public ecological movement "For life", Kostroma
International Socio-Ecological Union
MOMOEO "Nature and Youth", Murmansk
MROEO "Bellona-Murmansk, Murmansk
Novgorod club "Ecology", Veliky Novgorod
Green Cross Russia
Russian Socio-Ecological Union (RSEU)
Samara Socio-Ecological Union, Samara
Siberian Ecological Agency, Green Cross Tomsk, Tomsk
Socio-Ecological Union, Maikop
Centre of Environmental Initiatives, Saratov
Centre for Transboundary Cooperation, St.Petersburg
Centre for Environmental Initiatives, St.Petersburg
Clean City, Republic of Tatarstan, Kazan
Ecodefense, Kaliningrad
Ecological Centre "Dront", Nizhny Novgorod
Ecological and Human Rights Centre "Bellona", St.Petersburg
ECOperestroika, St.Petersburg
Yaroslavl EOOO "Green Branch", Yaroslavl
Regional NGO “Information and legal support centre for indigenous small peoples of the North of the Buryat Republic Nyorilik (Hope)” Ulan-Ude
Association of indigenous small peoples of the North of the Buryat Republic, Orlik (East Sayany)
Foundation for Sustainable Development of Altai, Gornoaltaisk
School for Public Ecology Tengri, Gornoaltaisk
Centre for environmental education EIge, Yakutsk
Public environmental monitoring of Republic Saha-Yakutia, Yakutsk
Public environmental centre, Yakutsk
Regional NGO Plotina (Dam), Krasnoyarsk
Phoenix Foundation, Vladivostok
ISAR-Siberia, Novosibirsk
Siberian Environmental Centre, Novosibirsk
Aist, Mezhdurechensk

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