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The first week of Lima talks did not result in any progress regarding the creation of the Green Climate Fund, and the adaptation issues were none of their priority. The new typhoon in the Philippines is symbolic of the cynicism of such an approach. The countries’ commitments to reduce their GHG emissions have failed to include any specific detail. The fossil fuel lobby keeps looking for loopholes to continue the fossil fuel industry development within the new climate agreement’s framework.

At the UN climate talks in Lima, Russian delegation continues to insist on a revision of the lists of developed and developing countries under the Convention on Climate Change. The statement by Alexander Bedritsky at the Kremlin website shows that Russia expects from other countries ambition to contribute in reducing emissions and wants to remain voluntary donor for adaptation funds. Interests of Gazprom represented in the official delegation of the Russian Federation attracted attention from observers.

In December, representatives of the states meet in Lima (Peru) at the UN Climate Conference - COP 20. The outcome of the event should be a draft of a comprehensive agreement to be signed in 2015. Representatives of public environmental organizations urge countries to work together to prepare an ambitious and meaningful new agreement.position NGO Lima COP


Environmental non-governmental organisations (NGOs) consider it necessary to adopt a strong global climate agreement in December 2015, as set out in the documents of the UN Convention on Climate Change. UN climate conference in 2014 in Lima, COP-20, shall make a practical step towards the conclusion of such an agreement.

In the near future, solar energy can become a real alternative to traditional energy sources. This is the conclusion made by participants of the round table "Switch on the sun - live comfortably! Restyling Energy in Southern Urals," which took place in Chelyabinsk and was dated for the World Energy Saving Day.

On 27-28 October, the Russian Social Ecological Union held the 7th Annual Conference on Climate and Energy. The conference speakers believe that there are no major barriers to implementation of energy efficiency in the country, it is enough to eliminate energy backwardness at all levels.
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Three quarters of Russians believe climate change is a threat to human existence, and one third is absolutely sure of this, according to results of a public opinion poll by the Global Challenges Foundation in Stockholm. Representatives of non-governmental environmental organizations believe that the climate change comes out of the sphere of scientific discussion and becomes a pressing issue for residents of Russia.

Comparative efficiencies of different measures to combat climate change are unclear. The Economist has presented an assessment for effectiveness of various efforts to prevent emissions of greenhouse gases. The Russian Social Ecological Union believes that the key way to solve the problem of climate change is combining development of a variety of renewable energy sources and reduction of energy consumption due to energy conservation and efficiency.

Banks are one of the biggest sources of funds for promotion of energy efficiency programs. A substantial part of the activities in this direction can be carried out by energy service contracts - the potential of this market is at least 500 billion roubles a year. According to the Russian Social Ecological Union, the key condition for achieving the Government's objectives for energy efficiency is cooperation between the state, the public, businesses and banks.

Russian public organization «Socio-Ecological Union» is concerned by the recent increase of pressure on active environmental and health protection non-governmental organizations and their leaders, by assigning them the status of foreign agents. RSEU undelines that environmental NFGO activity is conducted purely in the interests of Russia and its sustainable future, an essential key to which is a healthy population, abundant natural resources and a clean environment.
RSEU has sent this statement to the President and copy to the Council on Human Rights at the President.