The actions "I save energy and resources" were held in school summer camps of the Central Federal District and the Moscow Region

Back in May 2021, the SPARE coordinators of the Central Federal District and the Moscow Region thought through and prepared events for summer school camps on the topic: "How to make the world a better place, starting with yourself". Our June Promotions were called: "I save energy and resources."

We have sent out our short proposals and an instructional poster to more than 200 schools in the region: the checklist "My Planet, my country, my city, my family, Me". This poster was created by a wonderful team of the Rybinsk branch of the State educational autonomous institution of additional education of the Yaroslavl region "Center for Children and Youth Technical Creativity". Feoktistova Anna Aleksandrovna, teacher of additional education and three students of the 3rd grade: Denis Morev, Arseny Skvortsov, and Ivan Popov created a poster: A checklist that received the Certificate of the All-Russian Competition SPARE 2020-2021.

Yaroslavl schoolchildren acted on the principle: "If you want to change the world, start with yourself." They didn't just create the text and design of the checklist. They made 200 copies of the checklist and hung it in their neighborhood. With this poster, the students showed people that they did this work as part of the SPARE program and invite every resident to become interested in the problem of conservation of resources and energy and become a participant in it.
The regional coordinators decided to replicate this Checklist for SPARE schools throughout our region and hold summer Events in school camps, following a list of simple and easy rules that must be followed every day, week, month and this will help improve the environment.

In 2021, summer school camps began on June 1 and more than 20 schools conducted a variety of training programs on the topic: "I save energy and resources" in the first week of rest.
The teachers and students of the following schools were the most active:
- in eight (8) school camps in the Bryansk district of the Bryansk region, more than 120 schoolchildren created numerous garden devices for school flower beds from plastic bottles, sewed reusable fabric bags for their families, knitted warm bedside mats from old clothes, and created many interesting toys for preschoolers;

- students of Moscow, Vladimir, and Voronezh Waldorf schools learned how to make new paper and cardboard for their technology and fine art classes from algae and paper waste. The Waldorf family school "Under the Sun" (Moscow, Southern Federal District) even created a training film of this process.
- Schoolchildren of Ecological settlements of the Kaluga and Ryazan regions used organic farming methods to heat greenhouses and greenhouses in school gardens.
In their reviews, the participants of the action wrote: "Once we tried it, we were convinced how exciting it is: to turn "garbage" into necessary and original things and please your family and friends with them! By reusing it, we save energy, money, and the environment!"
Students plan to use all these materials to work on school projects of the SPARE competition in the academic year 2021-2022.

Authors: Feoktistova A. A., Yakovlenko K. N., Zaitseva N. V.

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