Energy Saving Day in the Urals: real projects from everyday life

On the Energy Saving Day, environmental activists held events in schools, colleges, clubs and kindergartens of the Sverdlovsk Region that reminded the residents of the region about resource saving. This year the International Day of Energy Saving was held with the message “Let's Save the Climate by Conserving Energy and Resources”.

“Energy Saving Day is celebrated in different ways in different places: traditional round tables are held on resource conservation and waste reduction, informational educational materials are created on the topic of reducing used resources and waste in the form of posts on social networks and videos,” - says the head of the "Green Dozor" Movement press center Kirill Shadrin. - Many interesting tasks, observations, small research can be done on this day on your own or with your family. The guys from all branches of the Green Dozor calculated our transport footprint, made a climatic plan for the Сlub, took part in a quiz, solved a crossword puzzle, watched a video, and attended a book exhibition”.


Severouralsk Central city Library together with the Severouralsk branch of the "Green Dozor" Movement and Local Youth Club, developed a program for this day for the Sever Ural schoolchildren and their parents. The program started online on begin of November.

“The main goal of this holiday is to draw the attention of the authorities and the public to the rational use of resources and the development of renewable energy sources,” says Olga Boyarintseva, librarian of the sector of industry literature. - “I think it’s important to just remember about the simplest and most elementary energy saving measures that are available to each of us and can be used everywhere in everyday life.”

During the week, the organizers of the Energy Saving Day -2021 in Severouralsk invited participants to visit the online exhibition in the Central City Library. It was prepared and designed by the head of the local history department Irina Akishina, to take part in the online quiz "What do you know about energy saving?" and solve the crossword puzzle "Household and electrical appliances and devices", prepared by Olga Boyarintseva.

On November 10, activists and volunteers of the Severoural branch of the “Green Watch” Movement visited the library's reading room to get to know the cedar better and find out whether Siberian pine and cedar are the same species of coniferous trees.

“The concept of energy conservation does not work without reforestation, without planting trees in cities. In the coming spring, environmental activists are planning to create a small arboretum on the territory of the library. “And this will also be our small, but real contribution to the cause of energy saving,” says Artyom Anisimov, head of the project, chairman of the “Green Watch” Movement.

It has already become traditional to conduct classes for the little ones on these days: Kapelka and Iskorka, together with the little Urals residents, once again went to the Country of Energy Saving. Representatives of the Ural Eco Union in different cities of the Sverdlovsk Region introduced children to the concepts of "energy", "energy sources", "renewable and fossil sources", discovered where the baby meets these phenomena in real life, found and applied practical ways to save energy in everyday life.

“More than 800 people took part in the real and online Energy Saving Day in the Sverdlovsk region this year - individual activists, families, teams, collectives and classes.

“Energy saving will be maximum only if it becomes a habit, a lifestyle,” says Olga Podosenova, coordinator of SPARE project in Ural region. - “Therefore, real projects rooted in everyday life are very important for us.”

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